Changelog v1.0.7

Changes and additions:

  • Updated purple crystal sprite to give it more details and brighter color.
  • Fixed instance activation and deactivation regions to increase performance. The instance activating and deactivating regions used to overlap, causing objects in the overlap zone to continuously activate and deactivate.

Level design changes:

  • Made lvl_1_11 easier.
  • Made the shorter routes in lvl_1_15 easier.
  • Made lvl_1_19 easier and more intuitive while also blocking off the skip that lets you beat the level in less than 5 seconds.

Level cosmetic changes:

  • lvl_1_18
  • lvl_2_2
  • lvl_2_3

Bug fixes:

  • Replaced incorrect lock in overworld. The lock for levels 1-5 in the Crystal Caves was the wrong lock object and corresponded to levels 1-5 of the Echoing Entrance.
  • Removed music disk from lvl_1_20 (it was the disk for levels 11-15).
  • Music disk for levels 1-5 of Shadowsphere moved from lvl_5_6 to lvl_5_3.
  • Music disk for levels 6-10 of Shadowsphere moved from lvl_5_12 to lvl_5_6.
  • It is now possible to get the red key in the overworld.
  • Fixed collision box for Quit Button on pause screen.
  • Fixed flickering of overworld door text. This was caused by the object deactivated while the text was still on screen.


The True Slime King 1.0.7.exe 212 MB
Apr 10, 2018

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