Changelog v1.0.6

This update comes with several performance upgrades that should allow the game to run better on less powerful computers.

Changes and additions:

  • Changed default keybindings:
    • Left -> A (Changed from left arrow key)
    • Right -> D (Changed from right arrow key)
    • Jump -> Space (Unchanged)
    • Interact -> W (Changed from up arrow key)
    • Self Destruct -> K (Changed from X key)
  • Added feature to level editor that allows hiding of all layers not being worked on (objects, foreground tiles, background tiles).
  • Changed order of keys and blockers in level editor sidebar so that each color lines up.
  • When playtesting in the level editor, the cursor now disappears when not in use.
  • Increased performance of objects activating and deactivating outside of view.

Bug fixes:

  • When resizing the window in the level editor, the resizing mouse icons no longer get overridden.
  • Fixed issue with walls not properly deactivating walls that are outside the view (this provides a huge increase in performance).
  • Fixed bug with goo difference going negative for the access piles that there are two of in the overworld. Goo particles subtract from the goo difference (used to determine how much goo needs to be transferred), so when there are two access piles, it subtracts twice. This was fixed by making dummy access piles that don't subtract from the goo difference, so that only one pile is subtracting.
  • Added missing subzone transition between crystal caves boss and crystal caves 1-5.
  • Fixed bug where blocker objects wouldn't load in the overworld until you reached their area, meaning that if you didn't load them before getting the keys, the keys would not destroy the blockers.


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Mar 24, 2018

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