Changelog v1.0.1

Changes and additions:

  • Added option to skip the first part of the last cutscene.
  • Added background tiles to some areas that were missing them in the overworld.

Bug fixes:

  • Boss doors now correctly display goo based on whether level has been beaten.
  • Profiles now display last crown after beating last boss.
  • Player splat no longer is applied to boss doors.
  • Fixed bug with minimap where all unlocked subzones would save/load to/from the Echoing Entrance data. This would cause any subzone you unlocked in any zone to unlock that same subzone (on the minimap) for all zones.
  • Fixed bug where if you die in the overworld and exit to the main menu, the screen stays partially faded out.


The True Slime King 1.0.1.exe 212 MB
Feb 27, 2018

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