This is the online demo for the game The True Slime King.

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The True Slime King is single player hardcore puzzle platformer with a focus on tight controls, challenging maneuvers, and mind-bending puzzles. All of this is achieved with just three buttons: left, right, and jump. Use your sliminess to stick to walls and cling to ceilings in order to avoid obstacles and reach hidden items. Whether you're a speed demon crushing records or you're just interested in progress through the story mode, one thing is guaranteed: you will die a lot in the process. But don't worry, you'll be respawned and back in the action just as fast as you can die.

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<iframe frameborder="0" src="" allowfullscreen="" width="770" height="534"></iframe>

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<iframe frameborder="0" src="" width="552" height="167"></iframe>

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Is it supposed to feel like I'm playing a NES game with the frame limiter off? I move half way across the screen with just a quick, single tap of left or right.

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That's really odd. It's not supposed to do that. I have no idea what's going on; it works fine on all of the devices I tested it on. My only suggestion is to try restarting your browser (but you've probably already tried that). What operating system and browser are you using?